Businesses Wanted in Pittsburgh

We include a partial list of businesses that TOG has active buyers seeking. If your company fits any criteria on the list below and you are open to possibly selling your business, please contact us HERE or call John at 724-553-1492 for a confidential discussion.

Individuals Presently Seeking Profitable Businesses of These Types

Manufacturing – All Types Most Requested, Numerous Active Buyers

Wholesale Distributors (with at least $2 Million sales) 2nd Most Requested, Numerous Active Buyers

Oil & Gas Industry – Service companies of all types, Distributors, and Producers

Child Care Centers & Preschools

Service Businesses that can provide an Owner an income at least $250,000 per year

Businesses with Recurring Revenue (maintenance contracts, long-term monthly payments, etc.)



Transportation & Delivery

Payroll Providers

Accounting Firms – >5 Employees

Security Service Firms

Ecommerce – > $1 Million in Sales

Pest Control

Business Service – > $1 Million in Sales

Environmental Service Businesses

Rental Equipment

Corporate Buyers

Manufacturing – All Types (we have a large database of Buyers in Queue)

Wholesale Distributors (we have a large database of Buyers in Queue)

Wealth Management Companies, all Types

Plastic Manufacturers

Powdered Metal Manufacturers

Medical Device Manufacturers and Distributors

Laboratories- all Types

Chemical Companies

Payroll Providers

Accounting & Legal Firms >$3 Million in Sales

Metal Fabricators

Companies with Their Own Product Lines

Natural Gas Service Companies, >$3 Million in Sales

Private Equity Groups / Institutional Buyers

We are contacted daily from PEGs and the list of businesses sought would include nearly every industry. However, the criteria mentioned by Institutional Buyers are as follows:

  • Established business (for at least 3 years)
  • EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) of at least $1 Million. Each PEG has a minimum, some groups start at $1 Million EBITDA, others start at $2 Million, and larger PEGs start at a minimum of $5 Million.
  • Management in Place, translated this means the business can operate without the Owner if the Owner intends to retire, or the Owner is willing to stay and work in the business after a sale. Many Owners desire to stay because they aren’t yet ready to retire but want to fund their nest egg.
  • Either no customer >20% of sales or comfort that any large customers will not discontinue purchasing from the business after a sale of the business.
  • Growth opportunities are realistic.
  • No significant environmental or legal issues exist in the business.
  • Financial statements are in good shape.
  • Business is not highly cyclical, i.e. sales and profits don’t fluctuate substantially from one year to the next.

We have sold many businesses to PEGs and had thousands of conversations with PEGs over the years. Feel free to call us anytime to determine if your business is a candidate for purchase from a PEG. Where PEGs used to be a last resort for companies (and pay less), that is no longer the situation. In many cases, PEGs will provide a better (more $) situation for a Seller of a business. Call us and get our advice, you have nothing to lose.