We are so Very Different

We are success-fee basis only.

We only get paid if the business sells. Beware of any intermediary wanting paid monthly or expecting fees for valuation or preparing documents.

We’ve been buying/selling companies for 20 years, with total value >$500 Million.

We have been through many transactions and have experienced just about everything that can happen in the process. We are experts through the entire process. You benefit from our knowledge. There are many “Brokers” out there that serve as listing agents, and you won’t see them again until closing. In this complicated process, you need an Expert Advisor. Over ½ the time we are hired, there is already a buyer and seller in place. We’re hired to successfully get everyone to the finish line.

Very experienced in all aspects of Business Purchases and Sales.

Thoroughly experienced and understand the Due Diligence process.

Very Experienced with accounting, including GAAP and Tax-Basis.

Experienced with all Transaction Legal documents.

Extensive experience with Advising and Counseling business owners and buyers through the roller coaster of emotions that occur through the process of selling a business.

Expert in valuation.

We’ve built a business on referrals from Very Satisfied Customers.

For 20 years, The O’Connor Group never had a website, business cards, or any literature or company information. All of our client came from referrals from past clients or their accountants or attorneys. Though we are proud we’ve built a successful business on referrals, we need to get with the times in 2019.

We do specialize on businesses with cash flow of $250K or greater, with many clients in the $Millions of annual cash flow.

We specialize in manufacturing, distribution, and service companies across all industries. We’ve sold companies to Big 4 accounting firms and large corporations as well as to smaller companies and individuals. We do not have experience in convenience stores, retail stores, or very small companies.